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What Do You Mean By “Literally”?

By Apologetics Speaker/Trainer | Apr 16, 2019

Biblical skeptics often ridicule Bible-believing Christians by asking the rhetorical question, “You don’t read the Bible literally do you?” Behind their condescension is the notion that intelligent, educated people know better than this, while Christians (evangelicals in particular) read the Bible in a wooden, one-dimensional sense. The problem with this is a misunderstanding of the…

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Apologetics: One-on-One Using Meet The Skeptic

By Apologetics Speaker/Trainer | Feb 13, 2015

One of the most encouraging responses I’ve received about Meet The Skeptic came from a young woman who sent me a Q&A tract she had made from the 4-category model in the book. She had taken the key components from the 4 worldviews (moral, spiritual, scientific, and biblical) and customized them into a multiple-choice question…

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INTERSTELLAR and the 6 Days of Genesis

By Apologetics Speaker/Trainer | Nov 18, 2014

The new film, Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey incorporates some serious science amid the impressive special effects and sci-fi plot. One of the most interesting principles the film depicts is a phenomenon known as time dilation which has implications for understanding the days of Genesis 1. Far from being science fiction, time dilation is an observed phenomenon…

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Elysium: sweaty, juvenile Socialism

By Apologetics Speaker/Trainer | Dec 23, 2013

I really wanted to see Elysium on the big screen but my wife refused to pay theater price for what we both knew was a propaganda film. Still, I really thought the visually artistic aspects and the performances of two A-list actors would redeem it. WROOONNNNG. Props to my wife for seeing through this one–we…

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Christians, it’s ok to be a little weird

By Apologetics Speaker/Trainer | Dec 5, 2013

Kirsten Powers, a Fox News contributor, self-described liberal, and former atheist recently made public her conversion several years ago to evangelical Christianity. She explains how her boyfriend at the time asked her point-blank if she believed Jesus was her savior. She goes on to say that this “creeped her out” and she thought, “Who says…

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Blessed by a Leper

By Apologetics Speaker/Trainer | Jul 10, 2013

The following is not a feel-good story with an online life of its own, but an actual, recent event given to me firsthand by the health care-giver friend of mine in the account. I hope it blesses and teaches you as it did me. My patient was 87 years old and dying of metastatic prostate…

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Free Book Friday! Sponsored by Master Books

By Apologetics Speaker/Trainer | May 30, 2013

Comment on this post today (Friday, 5/31/13) and earn a chance to win a free copy of Meet The Skeptic: A Field Guide to Faith Conversations by Bill Foster! One print copy and one digital copy will be given away. Meet The Skeptic takes the multitude of objections and reduces them to four basic categories. By understanding…

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Double-standard for Molech

By Apologetics Speaker/Trainer | Apr 29, 2013

I’ve recently heard of a certain group in the U.S. who have received government funding and met proper zoning requirements to erect large a bronze statue on a corner lot in their town. The statue resembles the body of a man with a bull’s head and arms bent at a right angle with hands outstretched as…

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Super Baal

By Apologetics Speaker/Trainer | Feb 5, 2013

It should be no surprise that if you want a good barometer of where the U.S. culture is just watch the Super Bowl. Whereas the ancient Israelites fashioned a golden calf as the focal point for the pagan, Baal-centered religious system to which they repeatedly sunk, the Super Bowl is our annual homage to those…

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