What is a skeptic?

Skeptics are people who discard the biblical worldview in favor of other ways to see the world. Some had nonbelieving parents. Some had believing parents who were legalistic. Some have been deceived by false teachers and false religions. Some have been turned off by hypocrites. Some have put their trust in material success and their own abilities. Some have been influenced by skeptical academics and experts. We meet them every day at work, in class, at the gym, and in the grocery store. We are long past the time of dropping a biblical reference into a conversation and expecting its significance to be recognized. Our post-Christian culture requires us to do more remedial work with potential believers in order to make an impact.

Because there are so many diverse ideas out there, we need to cross-train ourselves to be ready for scrutiny and skepticism. But skepticism provides a great opportunity; it gives us a platform to explain why we believe what we believe. It shows us where the need for truth is. Even if we don’t get the chance to mention Jesus, that doesn’t mean we can’t reveal truth that ultimately leads to Him.