Movie Dialogue: Hereafter

The following excerpt is from the recent film Hereafter starring Matt Damon as a psychic medium who is able to reconnect living people with dead relatives:
Marie: What do you think happens when we die?
Didier: That’s a strange question.
Marie: Tell me.
Didier: When you die, you die. The lights go out that’s it. Why?
Marie: That’s it. Just blackout?
Didier: Totally black, the plug’s pulled out. The eternal void.
Marie: Don’t you think it’s possible there is something?
Didier: Like what?
Marie: I don’t know, something… A hereafter.
Didier: No, I don’t. If that were the case wouldn’t someone have discovered it by now? And there would be proof.
Marie: I guess.

If only we had proof. What if we had a reliable witness? Someone who claimed to have been to the hereafter, who accurately foretold the future, performed miraculous signs in plain view, forgave sins (in general, not just against himself), accepted worship as God, and yet showed no symptoms of psychosis, but rather was considered a wise teacher by friends and foes alike. Might at least be worth investigating, huh?