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Have you ever tried to memorize a bunch of answers for your skeptical friends only to have them brush aside your responses by ...more

How do we know when the Bible is speaking figuratively or non-figuratively? What does it mean to read the Bible "literally" and are ...more

One of the first biblical targets for a skeptic are God’s enigmatic commands in the Old Testament. Is God cruel and malicious? ...more

The discussion surrounding our origins is usually framed as “faith vs. science” as if each is independent of the other. Science is ...more

Social justice is a controversial topic these days but what is true social justice and can government secure it? Does the Bible ...more

Many take for granted that the Bible is a man-made book because they believe the hearsay (buzz) of the secular culture ...more

Moral relativism is the default “ethic” of our culture. It contends that reality is merely a blank canvas on which individuals ...more

The Gospel is more than the training wheels, starting blocks, or diving board for our faith. In this session you'll learn how to break ...more

Few subjects generate more passion among believers and non-believers alike than Genesis 1. Does it really matter how we understand ...more

Were you ever taught how to see the big picture of the Bible?  We're taught how to apply it but never shown how things fit together.  ...more

Because God is infinitely creative, He communicates through Scripture in a number of ways. He may use plain prose, poetry, or symbols ...more

Most people don't realize that there is a big difference between philosophically-driven models and observational science ...more

Can being “spiritual” or “religious” provide the eternal freedom humanity desires? Many people want to get to heaven (or a ...more

Because of the symbolic nature of Revelation people usually adopt an interpretation of it based more on what they've heard ...more

What does it mean to be a good steward of the environment? The answer to that question depends on the worldview through which ...more

A great majority of heretical teachings originate from a misunderstanding or distortion of the Trinity. Is the Trinity a ...more

There are so many different religions (‘isms) out there. Are they all saying pretty much the same thing? How can Christians prepare ...more

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